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Toilet clogged

Rated 4 out of 5
January 4, 2021

Enjoyed the best damn BBQ in the galaxy only to be greeted with some of the worst meat sweats I’ve ever had. Ran to the bathroom to find only one empty stall at the time. I sit down, release an ungodly amount of who knows what, only to discover the toilet is clogged and starts overflowing and I quickly hopped in my ship and flew out of their. Needless to say if you were unfortunate enough to be their on that day I am sorry. I will off course not be leaving my real name. I don’t need that on my track record.

Bob Joe

Blooe Phrooty

Rated 3 out of 5
December 17, 2020

Do NOT drink the Blooe Phrooty! I arrived in a Cutter and had to leave in a Sidewinder.

Commander Cutterless

Ships Passing In The Night

Rated 4 out of 5
December 17, 2020

I was limping my way back towards the Bubble when I ran into the El Dorado Truckstop. Running low on fuel and in desperate need of a drink I commed the carrier and requested a docking pad.

No sooner had I finished my post-flight checks than I was being led into the Lounge. I remember having a Blooe Phrooty placed into my hands and loud music playing. The rest of my time there is kind of a blur. There was booze, dancing, cigar smoke, and a large man who wanted to explain in depth about every single one of his tattoos and where they were from.

I woke up in my Asp Explorer in orbit around a small moon. I was refuelled, my cartographic data had been collected and paid for, my emergency kit and foodstocks had been resupplied and I had a name and contact number scrawled across the inside of my cockpit in blue lipstick.

I would have given the place five stars, but the pants of my flightsuit are missing and apparently not on board my ship….

Commander James Shepard