The “No limits” Lounge

LIVE MUSIC every night featuring the El Dorado Truckstop House Band, the Texas Hippie Coalition

Our House Band recorded live in The “No limits” Lounge

Our lounge entertainers are here to provide you with a pleasurable experience. They will perform any service our customers request… for the right price. We also pride ourselves in providing our customers with the limitless decadence of a fully stocked bar which is unmatched anywhere, serving every variety of beverage or substance that can legally or illegally be found in the galaxy.

When we say no limits, we mean no limits.

The infamous “Galactic Stripper Pole”

The Blooe Phrooty

Named after the system region of El Dorado called Blooe Phroo, the Blooe Phrooty is a secret house cocktail concocted from a dangerous proprietary recipe. It is the local favorite of our lounge entertainers. The drink is a bit pricey, but you’ll get your money’s worth. Buy her one and you’ll find out.

Here is a recent quote from an anonymous customer:

If she drinks enough Phrooty, she’ll give you the booty.