The Truckstop

Carrier ID: K3N-L4Z

The El Dorado Truckstop is a Victory-Class Fleet Carrier which permanently resides in the underbelly of the galactic plane far west of Colonia in the Blooe Phroo VO-P d6-6 system also known as El Dorado. Infamously known as the “No limits” Galactic Oasis for it’s extreme debauchery, such a vile nest could only exist far from any notion of civilization where the “law of the jungle” and the satiation of lascivious primal lusts reign supreme, a haven where you can have anything you desire… for the right price. Many commanders have lost fortunes and some have even lost their lives as they found themselves sucked into its vortex of hedonism. Those who escape are left with memories of unutterable experiences, the kind which would make the most depraved evil demon blush.

As the saying goes, “What happens in El Dorado, stays in El Dorado.”

The System

Blooe Phroo VO-P d6-6

El Dorado is a mysterious “Jumponium” rich system deep in an uncharted side of the galaxy, 32k ly from Sol. The uncorroborated details concerning the so-called Legend of El Dorado can be found here.

Here is an excerpt:

“Hundreds of light-years below the void that is Angustia lies a system of unfathomable abundance, a place any explorer, prospector, or bounty hunter would kill to keep secret. A modern-day El Dorado, an apt description one may conceive, as this system contains all raw materials one’s heart could desire. Heed this warning, however: stay steadfast against the alluring bountifulness, for those who’ve dug too greedily sealed their own fate, never to been heard from again. Some say they still mine away, miles beneath the surface of the dead, airless worlds, living only for their insatiable lust of wealth and fortune.”​

The Owner

The El Dorado Truckstop is owned and operated by CMDR r4nger0 also known as R4. Infamously known for his Evel Knievel style stunts and his Texas attitude, R4 is a pioneering black sheep, hated by some, loved by others. His legendary slogan can be heard echoing from the lips of pirates and mavericks all over the galaxy.

For the damn glory!

Long before the era of engineering and the establishment of Colonia, he took his unengineered sidewinder named Sneaky Pete across the galaxy just to see if it could be done. On 01 MAR 3301 while on his journey, an encounter took place which was subsequently recorded in Galnet News. The system was later renamed Rendezvous Point in memory of the historic meeting.

A Distant Rendezvous – 43,000 Light Years from Home
01 MAR 3301

On the fringe of the Scutum-Centaurus arm, on the far side of the galaxy, two lone deep space explorers rendezvoused at a star system called EACTAINDS GN-W C1-6.

CMDR R4nger0’s mission? To cross the galaxy in a Sidewinder.

CMDR Kamzel’s mission? Returning to Earth after an 8-week survey expedition along the galactic outer rim.

CMDR Kamzel left the frontier on 16th December 3300, CMDR R4nger0 departed on 7th January 3301. The meeting was the first human contact both pilots had in the many weeks they’d been away from home. Both pilots jointly surveyed the rendezvous system, shared a bottle of Lavian Brandy, and parted ways to continue on their respective journeys. The event was recorded and a vlog data-packet was beamed back toward human space. Streams of the log can be viewed by searching for ‘A Distant Rendezvous’ via your local vlog service provider.

Some observers have called for the EACTAINDS GN-W C1-6 star system to be renamed ‘Rendezvous Point’, to commemorate this historic event… the most distant deep space encounter ever recorded.

Here is a video archive of the event. The original can also be found here.

After the meeting, he continued on his journey and reached the farthest point he could go in his unengineered sidewinder finally making it to the system named Chua Eop ZC-T c20-0 which is now commonly known as Lone Star. He continued circumnavigating the galaxy in his sidewinder and returned back to the bubble after 13 months in the black.

The dawn of engineering was a game changer giving commanders the ability to push the limits of what a ship can do. The glory of his initial galaxy crossing with Sneaky Pete began to fade. He knew it was time to reclaim his glory and take a completely new engineered sidewinder (which he named the Son of Sneaky Pete) beyond Beagle Point to the farthest known point of the galaxy… Semotus Beacon (also known as Ishum’s Reach).

On 09 NOV 3304, he reclaimed his glory with his new sidewinder, Son of Sneaky Pete, by reaching Semotus Beacon. He continues to hold the long distance record with a sidewinder.

Here is a Sagittarius Eye Bulletin of the event. The original can also be found here.

After these events, he faded into obscurity, not to be heard from again. The public assumed that he had finally reached his demise by pushing the limits a bit too far… until… rumors started spreading. There was word that he was devising a new nefarious enterprise.

In the shadows, he was building the El Dorado Truckstop.

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